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Lesson One Rock Superstars: What Do They Tell Us About Ourselves and Our Society ?

  1. Rock Superstars摇滚乐超级明星rock: rock music , rock ‘ n ’ roll( or : rock and roll)摇滚乐早期的摇滚乐是源于美国的民歌( folk )爵士乐( jazz )勃鲁斯歌曲(blues )

  等的一种音乐,其特征是具有强烈的节奏( rhythm )单纯的旋律( melody )一再重复的歌词和音符的后拍音( after beat )

  2. Rock is the music of teenage rebellion . 摇滚乐是青少年的反叛音乐a. teenage adj. pertaining to a teenager( 13 至 19 岁的)青少年的。


  b. rebellion: resistance to or defiance of any authority 造反,反派。

  如;a rebellion against old traditions对旧传统的反叛。

  3. By a man ‘ s heroes ye shall know him .你将从一个人崇拜的英雄得知其人。

  a.这句句子的句型与英语中常说的 judge a man by the company he keeps(以一个人所交的朋友断定其为人)很相似。

  b. ye = you 用于古英语或诗歌中,是第二人称代词thou的复数。

  如:Ye are the salt of the earth .你们是社会的中坚。(出自>)

  4. ‘’ Midnight Rambler ‘’ :ramble: walk for pleasure漫游,既可表动词,也可作名词。

  如;They rambled through the woods. 他们在林中漫步。

  5.…… he said, ‘’ grabs a half-gallon jug of water and runs along the front platform ,sprinkling its contents over the first rows of sweltering listeners …… ‘’ a. grab : to seize suddenly, eagerly, or roughly ; snstch 急抓,夺取。

  如: He jumped up from the table, grabbed his hat and ran out of the door .他从桌子旁跳了起来,抓起自己的帽子,奔出门去。


  如:grab a shower 快速冲了澡,grab a sandwich ,胡乱吃了一个三明治,grab a taxi 赶搭出租车。


  如:He grabbed at the opportunity of going abroad . 他设法抓住这次出国的机会 b. sprinkle: to scatter drops or particles of water , powder or the like on洒液体,撒粉末等(于……


  如:They sprinkled ashes on the icy sidewalk .他们在积水溜滑的人行道上撒了灰。

  We sprinkle the lawn every day .我们每天给草坪洒水。

  以‘’ sprinkling ‘’引导的短语是动词的 ‘’ - ing ‘’形式作伴随状语。

  再如:They stood there, watching the basketball .他们站在那里,观看篮球比赛。

  6. They surge to follow him , eager to be touched by a few baptismal drops . a. surge: to move or swell forward in or like waves如波涛汹涌而至。

  A crowd surged out of the theater . 观众从剧院里蜂拥而出。

  b.以形容词‘’ eager ‘’ 引导的不定式词组在语法功能上起着并列分句的作用。

  7. Some 14,000 screaming fans were cruching up to the front of the stage at Capital Center,……

  a. some :( before a number) approximately, about(在数字前)大约。

  如:some twenty students大约20个学生。

  b. scream to make a loud, sharp cry尖声大叫。

  ‘’ screaming ‘’ 是动词 scream 的 ‘’ - ing ‘’形式作前置修饰语, ‘’ screaming fans ‘’意为“ 尖声大叫的歌迷” c. crunch : to proceed with a crushing noise 嘎吱嘎吱地往前。

  如:The children crunched through the snow .孩子们嘎吱嘎吱地踩着雪走。

  8. I ought to be crawling on my knees . a. crawled: to move with the face downward and the boye close to the ground爬行。

  如;The bus crawled along . 公共汽车缓慢地行进。

  注意:短语 crawl into the favor of one‘s superiors表示“ 卑躬屈膝地讨好上司”。 b. on one’s knees :双膝跪地。

  9. How do you feel about all this adulation and hero worship?

  a. feel about : consider , think of 觉得,感到。经常用于疑问句中,如:How do you feel about the suggestion ?你认为这个建议怎么样?

  b. adulation是adulate 的名词形式。

  adulate : flatter or admire excessively过分赞赏,奉承,恭维。

  如:One can hardly understand why young people so adulate film stars. 年轻人为什么如此过分赞赏影星,真让人费解。

  10. Or are you drawn somehow to this strange clown, perhaps because he acts out your wildest fantasies ?

  a. draw : atteact吸引。

  如:Some mutual interests draw us together .一些共同的兴趣把我们吸引到一块了。

  b. somehow: in some way not specified or known 不知什么缘故。

  如:Somehow I don‘t like this novel though it is so popular . 这本小说虽然很流行,但不知什么原因我却不喜欢它。

  c. fantasy: imagination, esp. when it is let free and not held back (自由奔放的)


  wildest fantasies ,最为狂妄的奇想。

  11. These aren‘t idle questions . idle: of no real worth or purpose无聊的。

  如:idle rumor无聊的谎言。

  12. Horwitz sees the rock music arena as a sort of debating forum , a place where ideas clash and crash . a. see…… as ……: consider …… as ……把……看作……

  b. forum: a meeting place of discussion of matters of public interest论坛。

  c. a place是a sort of debating forum的同位语,后面由 where引导的句子是定语从句,修饰 a place. ‘’ ideas chash and crash ‘’ 意为“ 各种思想冲撞”。

  13. ‘’ The redefinition , ‘’ Horowitz says ‘’ is a task uniquely performed by the young ……‘’ ‘’ uniquely performed by the young ‘’是过去分词短语,用于修饰前面的‘’a task‘’。

  14. It is they alone who combine invention and exaggeration ,……

  a.it is …… who( that )是强调句式。

  b.alone :( after a noun or pronoun) only (在名词或代词后面)仅,只。

  His name alone was enough to draw a large audience .仅仅他的名字就足以吸引一大批观众。

  15. ‘’ Rock music ,‘’ he says ‘’ is really a sociological expression rather than a musical force . ‘’ rather than: instead of 而不是(肯定前者,否定后者。)

  比如:He is a poet rather than a novelist . 与其说他是小说家,不如说他是诗人。

  这里介绍另一个短语or rather ,意为 more exactly 更为确切地说“。如:late last night ,or rather early this morning昨天深夜,更为确切地说,是今天清晨。

  16. It‘s just that Elvis managed to embody the frustrated teenage spirit of the 1950s。 a.句中的it有 the reason 的意思, that = be cause . b. embody: give a definite form to具体体现如:The statue embodies the sentiment of the sculptor . 这尊塑像表现了雕像家的感情。

  The latest model of the lorry embodies many improvements .卡车的最新式样体现了许多改进的地方。

  17. TV network banned him . a. network: a group of radio or television stations linked by wire or microwaves (广播,电视)广播网 b. ban : prohibit , forbid 禁止。

  如:Students are banned from reading dirty books .禁止学生阅读色情书刊。

  18. Most of the older viewers frowned , while most of the younger viewers applauded。 a. frown: to wrinkle the forehead, such as when one is displeased or in deep thought皱眉。


  短语frown on( upon )表示“ 不赞同”。如:He frowned upon my plan . 他不赞同我的计划。

  b. applaud: to clap the hands together in approval or appreciation 鼓掌喝彩;称赞。

  如:The audience applauded wildly . 观众热烈鼓掌。

  c.连接词while 在这里表示对照,再如:I like books while my brother loves sports .我喜欢书,而我的兄弟则热衷于体育。

  19. The Rolling Stones, arrogant street-fighting men , demanded revolution . arrogant: acting as if one were more important than others 傲慢的;妄自尊大的。

  如;He was just too arrogant to his subordinates .他对他的部下太傲慢了。

  20. Feelings, always a part of any musical statement , were a major subject . 这里always a part of any musical statement是feelings的同位语。

  21. The Beatles showed there were a range of emotions between love and hate . range: a number of different things of the same general sort or type(变动的,可供选择的)范围;幅度。

  如:a range of colors to choose from可以选择的一系列颜色;a range of prices from 5 yuan to 50 yuan 从5 元到50元不等的各种价格。

  22. This country element, Horowitz feels , helped its audience express an urge to‘’ get away from it all , ‘’ ……

  urge: an instincitve drive . 冲动。

  如:I felt an urge to further my studies in Europe .我有一种去欧洲深造的冲动。

  23. ……these rock musicians mirror feelings……

  mirror: reflect反映。

  如:The election result reflects their opinions.选举结果反映了他们的观点。

  24. …… where it‘s heading ?

  head( for): move toward(朝某一方向)前进。

  如:They were heading for the deep jungle for hunting . 他们去丛林深处打猎。